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MediaOn Server Speed Whois Protection We're leading the market in Privacy, Secure and Protected Domain Registration. Since 1999.

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Anonymous Hosting

Our Real Whois Protection - Our Mission

As the only one provider worldwide we can protect ALL domain-endings.
Protect the privacy of your personal information on your domain name today.

We never ask for any personal details except an email address (which can be created anonymously like Accounts are setup using usernames that are randomly generated. There will be no whois information about your personal ID if someone does a search on your domain name. We will not even show anyone the email address you signed up with. We accept a number of easy payment providers including accepting cash by post which gives you 100% anonymity.

In 1999, began as one of the first Internet-Service-Providers worldwide with the marketing of "Whois Protected Domains". With our location in Germany we were the first provider in Germany with such a service. Customers recognize "made in Germany" as a symbol of quality. Currently, we are controlling MediaOn from Turkey and Israel.

You can trust us. We are your security with experiences through over 76.000 customers that many providers lack. As the only provider worldwide we support ALL domain-endings. Regardless what domain this is about. You can purchase any domain ending anonymously with us or make it anonymous through us. You should also pay attention to whom you entrust your domains. There are a lot of black sheep that are only keen on your domains. Your domains are your capital and you build your business on it. Therefore this point is very important. is responsible for over 270,000 domains.

We don't offer a simple "Whois Privacy Service" whereby the ISP enters itself in your domain. We also don't use third party-services. We also don't sell you any double Whois protection. These companies 1. use the Whois protection of the registrar (third-parties) and 2. register themselves in case of legal problems. But how long is the 2nd protection supposed to last? We offer you a unique Whois protection, which is for sure waterproof and it's guaranteed that nobody will gain access to your data. When ordering, you are merely asked for an email address. We don't ask for your data!

We register your domain names in real time. You have the full authority over your domain. As far as existing domains are concerned absolutely nothing changes for you as a customer, merely the entry at the registrar. Furthermore, the domain can be used without restrictions via your customer interface.

What kind of advantages do I have through this?

Due to our locations like Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey we can offer you protection which you won't find with any other provider. MediaOn has a great network of national and international lawyers that even represent our customers free of charge without having to know your data. In this case this only works if our partner law office is registered as owner, since these law offices appear to the outside as owners and also react to inquiries and only act in the interest of our customers. Worldwide there are over 76.000 customers that trust MediaOn. You are welcome at any time.

We are of the opinion that we offer the safest protection worldwide!

It is very simple: Our customers are our capital. We don't earn money by inquiries from authorities, companies or advocates. Only by our customers - we therefore do EVERYTHING to help our customers and offer protection! Everything is simply correct with us, the quick support, the accessibility of the servers, the prices and our experiences since 1999. Test us! We keep our promises: Have a look at the availability of our cluster servers.

Domain Trust Service - MediaOn real Whois Protection.

Nobody gets your data! Suitable for Adult-, Forums-,Blog-,Webmaster, free opinion, financial service provider, shopkeeper, news-, information-pages and simply for those who attach importance to real privacy.
Including Whois Protection and therefore free!

You would like still more safety and not even we should know your data?

PayPal Payments - ID Protection:

Please take a look in our customer panel and the personal details: MediaOn Customer Panel !
We do not store/save any PayPal transaction details from our customer! All customers can see and edit the personal details!

Our service allows you to purchase domain names anonymously.

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